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"Thank you so much for inviting me to conduct the appraisal in-person at the Eden Rock. I was truly impressed by your collection of artwork by established and emerging artists. Many of the hotel collections that I see are simply accumulations of framed posters or licensed photographs. The Eden Rocks’ unique hangings tailored to the interior design of every room reflects the hotel’s genuine dedication to the arts and provides guests with a truly unique visual experience."
Caitlin Kelly, Client Advisor + Fine Art Expert (June 2013, USA)

What a place to spend my 40th! Thanks for making it perfect!
(May 2013, Mr & Mrs V, USA)

Merci Beaucoup! Our 5th year was as incredible as the first! Thank you for hosting us in your amazing establishment and for your warm hospitality! This visit is always the favourite week of our year! Best to all!
(May 2013, Mr & Mrs M, USA)

To all those at Eden Rock, we thank you, this place is spectacular because of you. The staff is so sweet. We will be back, hopefully soon.
(April 2013, Mr & Mrs K, UK)

Loved our holiday at your wonderful Eden Rock... seems a distant memory as I look out onto murk and rain! Really hope to return some day... it was the best DREAM holiday x Thank you for making us feel so at home
(April 2013, Mr & Mrs B, USA)

Thank you for a wonderful time in Paradise. We really enjoyed our honeymoon in this amazing island and look forward to staying again here soon
(March 2013, Mr & Mrs A, USA)

Another wonderful week at Eden Rock! And a very special place to celebrate our engagement!
(March 2013, Mr & Mrs C, BRA)

This Eden Rock is over the top. And the French bartender can really make a great martini with minimal instruction from me!!
With thanks and hope to visit myself again sooner rather than later!
(February 2013, Mr & Mrs G, USA)

Thanks You a lot for a wonderful stay ! We will miss the island, this beautiful hotel hotel and your hospitality. We look forward to visiting again soon
(January 2013, Mr & Mrs T, USA)

Eden Rock, this is the best place ever! I love coming here.
(December 2012, Mr & Mrs K, USA)

From A couple of seasoned NY Travelers… Absolutely Best Time here at Eden Rock. What more can we say… You guys ROCK!!!
(December 2012)

Best Honeymoon Ever! We love St Barths and Eden Rock. We will be back again
(December 2012, Mr & Mrs I, MI, USA)

Thank you to all of the Eden Rock staff! Our visit was magical! Until we meet again
(November 2012, Mr & Mrs V., MI, USA)

"All the best, Eden Rock! Thank you for an amazing getaway! See you soon again. Thank you."
(November 2012, Mr & Mrs H., NC, USA)

"A quick thank you to the Eden Rock staff. We just finished up a fantastic trip to celebrate my wife’s 50th birthday.Could not have come to a more beautiful location. Everything was magnificent from the uniqueness of our room to the service of the entire staff. My only regret was how fast the time seemed to fly by while we were at Eden Rock. Yet we left relaxed and pampered and my wife’s birthday will be one she always remembers!! Thanks for making this such a memorable trip!"
(November 2012, Mr & Mrs V., USA)

"Fantastic honeymoon in an exceptional place. Very good service and relaxed customers. We will be happy to come back. Thank you." (August 2012, Mr & Mrs D., Germany)

"No words can really describe the “Rock” and its amazing people. We have been here for 8 times and my breath is always taken away. Thank you + Thank you + thank you. We love you all. "
(August 2012, Mr & Mrs H., Montreal, Ca)

"Merci beaucoup pour les meilleurs vacances! We spent our honeymoon here and will forever the memories dear in our hearts. We will back bientôt! A la prochaine fois et mille fois merci! Nous vous aimons !"
(July 2012, Mr & Mrs W., Atlanta, USA)

"I find words inadequate to describe our recent stay at Eden Rock. I found myself with a perpetual smile. Truly the first place in our years of travel that I can confidently say that I will
return year after year. Eden Rock has it mastered... just the right blend of elite level service and respect for one's desire to escape the rest of the world for a while. Merci...jusqu' à la prochaine fois" (July 2012 M & Mrs F, Nicholasville - KY - USA)

"I'm composing this note of appreciation from the beauty that surrounds me in the DeHaanen suite at Eden Rock. After several trips to Eden Rock, I believe this is our 6th.
On my first visit to St. Barts in the mid 80's I stopped and ate breakfast here, I think where your reception deck area is was their restaurant. I never imagined what the future of the property would be, or of it being such a wonderful experience in my life for a number of times now. It seems like you bought this incredible canvas and with spectacular scenery already filled in, but the complete masterpiece not yet finished and blank in many areas. The compliments i'd have for you are too numerous to mention. You have created a spectacular property, the decor, finishes and colors in every room we have seen are wonderful. To stay here in DeHaanen really is my favorite place on earth and I'm grateful." (July 2012, Mr W, VA-USA)

"Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful island and hotel with us. We wish to return soon. We loved the beautiful Garbo Suite" (July 2012, Mr & Mrs C., Boston MA)

"Thank you so much to all your staff a Eden Rock. Absolutely the most beautiful resort & have every stayed at fantastic people - the best service ever! We love it ! and we will comme back!" (July 2012, Mr & Mrs R., Tampa -FL-USA)

"We could not have imagined a more beautiful island or chosen a more welcoming place to stay for our 10-year anniversary trip. Thank you for everyone at Eden Rock making our first experience in St.barth absolutely perfect. We are already looking forward to a return trip" (June 2012, Mr & Mrs C., Illinois USA)

"Thank you for a wonderful experience! Our first time to the island, but not the last! Thank You Beaucoup!" (June 2012, Mr & Mrs K., New York NY)

"We have been lucky enough to join you for the past three years, and once again we had an amazing time that exceeded all our expectations. We consider the Fregate room our home away from home, and continue to be amazed by its beauty and location.
We really enjoyed the addition of the pizza oven in the Sand Bar, as well as the new menu in On The Rocks. In every way we found the food and wine to again be a perfect fit for our holiday.
More than anything else though in making our stay great is your staff. We travel a great deal but have never found better and more friendly service than we have enjoyed with your team.
Thank you for another wonderful stay, and a truly wonderful experience at your hotel." (May 2012, Mr & Mrs B., Laguna Beach, CA)

"When God Vacations, he passes his day at Eden Rock. We may have seen him once or twice. We simply felt lucky to be included... Perfection is timeless. Beyond value. Eden Rock is emblematic of that perfection. All Day. Every Day. Merci!" (May 2012, Mr & Mrs V. and Mr & Mrs B., Columbus OH)

"Year Four and it keeps getting better and better - We love Eden Rock! Thank You. " (May 2012, Mr & Mrs S., Lake forest, IC)

"What an epic place to spend this our 10-year anniversary. Merci, Merci, Merci!" (May 2012, Mr & Mrs S., New York NY)

"Eden Rock Exceeded our expectations A courteous Staff, the food was incredible, ideal weather..."
(2012, Mr A.)

Eden Rock Exceeded any Expectation
Amazing Staff, Outstanding Food, Perfect Weather...
Thank you for all of our recommendations on the island and for being top of class in every aspect! What a wonderful honeymoon. We will be back for sure!
Heaven on Earth, we loved it here.
(April 2012, Mr & Mrs M., New York, NY)

"Thank you for an amazing stay at Eden Rock! Your hotel is beyond beautiful - but the service is what especially make our trip so very special. You have a wonderful team at Eden Rock! We will be back soon!" (April 2012, Mrs R., New York NY)

"Your staff was wonderful! The Hotel, island, and all places I visited were so clean and beautiful. I have been to Mexico, Cozumel, Russia, Canada, Bolivia, Belize, and many other places, however, by far this is a definite "Do Over" vacation!" (March 2012, Mrs G., Topeka KS)

"The experience was so special and unique. The moments we shared in St Barths and at Eden Rock will be in our hearts forever. From the moment we arrived, we were treated to an amazing experience. We loved every moment at Eden Rock." (March 2012, Mr L. & Mrs C., Atlanta GA)

"Please accept my sincere thanks again for the excellent dinner party we enjoyed at the Eden Rock Hotel last month for my wife's birthday celebration. The food and service were first class. The atmosphere perfect and the cocktail hour at the bar was truly one of the best I have attended. Our friends are still talking about the wonderful evening." (March 2012, Mr & Mrs W., Fort Lauderdale FL)

"This is one the most beautiful + wonderful vacations we have had. Eden Rock is now our favourite place. The staff + people couldn't be any more gracious. Thank you!" (Feb 2012, Mr & Mrs M., Olympia WA)

"My clients have returned from their 4 night stay at the hotel. They are OVER THE MOON!!!! Loved, loved, loved everything….." (Feb 2012, TA for Mr & Mrs G. - Mr & Mrs K., Roslyn NY)

"Just a quick note to say what a wonderful time Michelle and I had painting with Holly. She was a great instructor, very encouraging and gave us really great guidance. I’ve shown my painting to a few friends and family and they are all impressed with my work given my beginner status and the fact that we only painted about an hour. I have to give Holly all of the credit! Please send her my thanks and well wishes for the remainder of her time in St. Barts. If I make it back to the island in the future, I will definitely contact you again. It was a wonderful experience." (Feb 2012, Mr H., USA)

"Mr Matthews, I am a Landscape Architect from Ct, USA.
I know that you hear this ALL THE TIME, yet need to further compliment you on the MOST BEAUTIFUL designed (manmade) haven, including all details + material - I have ever seen.
Your place honours a magnificent site as you certainly know." (Dec 2011, Mr B., A.S.L.A. American Society of Landscape Architects, CT)

"Splendid! What a fantastic staff, never experienced this before!" (Dec 2011, Mr & Mrs H., Netherlands)

"We so enjoyed our 5 night stay for our anniversary. It was our first trip to St. Barths and Eden Rock was incredible... definitely the best spot on the island. The service, food and drink, and accommodations were outstanding. We will definitely be back soon." (Dec 2011, Mr & Mrs W., Mobile AL)

"Thank you for a fantastic experience - both in terms of the top notch accommodations and your excellent staff, who are well trained, efficient and unflaggingly cordial in dealing with guests." (Nov 2011, Mr & Mrs Y., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

"This was our 10th visit to the island, but first stay at Eden Rock. We thoroughly enjoyed the hotel and had one of our most memorable meals at lunch at the Sand Bar. The food was exceptional." (Nov 2011, Mr & Mrs C., Canada)

"We so enjoyed our stay at Eden Rock last week and wouldn't want to stay anywhere else." (Nov 2011, Mr & Mrs K., Warren OH)

"Eden Rock was gorgeous....great hotel, wonderful staff, all in all just an amazing experience." (Nov 2011, Mr R. & Ms T., Houston TX)

"The most perfect place for a honeymoon and well worth the trip all the way from Australia! Hope to be back again one day..." (Nov 2011, Mr & Mrs C, Sydney, Australia)

"As a surfer and a singer, I was able to combine great days of surfing on St Barths with actually living the dream destination contained in the lyrics of my recording of "Kokomo." I never stop recommending Eden Rock to all of my friends." (Sept 2011, Mr J., USA)

"You do a fantastic job of taking care of all your guests and I appreciate all the extra things you do to make sure paradise stays paradise! (Aug 2011, Mrs M., Austin TX)

"Eden Rock & staff exceeded our honeymoon expectations! From the food, to the beach, to our room, everything was perfection! We had a spectacular time & hope to see you alla gain! Merci" (Aug 2011, Mr R & Mrs B., Hoboken NJ)

"Home away from home..." (Aug 2011, Mr & Ms D.-L, Dallas TX)

"The hotel was all I imagined and more - what stood out for me was the service, especially as the waiter noticed that I was squinting at the menu and without asking produced glasses - now that was what I call impressive!" (July 2011, Travel Agent Mrs B., Harrogate, UK)

"Amazing trip & much thanks for Paradise found for our whole family!" (July 2011, Mr & Mrs S-L., Seattle WA )

"Fantastic time. Excellent hotel and attention to detail" (June 2011, Mr. P. & Mrs G., Emsworth UK)

"I loved the Eden Rock! By far the best place on should go...!" (May 2011, Mr. N, USA)

"Thanks to the staff at E Rock for making our stay soooo nice. We will be back." (May 2011, Mr & Mrs S., Malibu CA)

"Paradise Found…Paradise Lost… TILL NEXT TIME" (March, Mr & Mrs G., Coral Gables 2011)

"By far away-my favorite place. I do not want to leave PARADISE!!! Amazing" (April 2011, Mr & Mrs C. New York NY)

"We love Eden Rock!!! Love the food, beach, and all of St Barths!!! We will be back!!!" (March 2011)

"St.Barths was actually better than my wildest dreams! The Eden Rock was incredible and our room was unbelievable!! Service was impeccable... restaurant was off the charts!" (Feb 2011, Mr & Mrs F., Marblehead MA)

"The world's best beach house" (Fran Tarkenton on Rockstar, Feb 2011)

"This place is magic !! The most important thing I learned here is that: You must love the one you bring to this paradise… " (Feb 2011, Mr & Mrs F., Marblehead MA)

"I had a wonderful time at Villa Rockstar. What a glorious thing you did to make your recording studio available to two people who need to get their musical going. We were very happy there. I know I told you I loved the white gold bathroom, but I adored the bed, I have to say. I was truly the most relaxed I have been in years. And all through the villa, everywhere I looked there was something wonderful sitting waiting to be noticed." (Jan 2011 Pulitzer Price Winner Mrs N.)

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