The Matthews Family

Following a number of years of gentle neglect, the Eden Rock was bought in 1995 by British couple David and Jane Matthews and their family of a daughter and 3 sons. Possession was taken a couple of days before St Barths was struck head-on by Hurricane Luis, whose 40 hours of generally 200mph winds inevitably caused a great deal of damage, both to Eden Rock and, more importantly, to the island as a whole. Days later, Hurricane Marilyn followed through.

As a curious man, David Matthews and yacht skipper friend Steve Haynes, worked night and day throughout these events, battling to retain the roofs of the various Eden Rock houses. Time was spent outside the buildings, strengthening the work done inside – during the respite provided within the eye of the hurricanes.

The families were inside, including the 6 year old Spencer and all worked tirelessly in support of the common effort.

Read ‘Saved by the Luggage’, David’s account of that treacherous night here.

Since 1995 David & Jane Matthews have worked to re-model the original structures at Eden Rock and a number of adjacent properties have also been acquired, including the Filao Beach Hotel. Following this particular acquisition, the availability of sufficient space allowed the construction work to include all that was necessary to create a fully balanced set of buildings. These include the EROS fractional residences and the ultra-villas Rockstar and Nina.

This involved the re-location of the back office and engineering, storage, workshops and maintenance functions, re-located on land acquired adjacent to the lagoon and as far away from ocean-borne hurricanes as is possible!

Eden Rock has now become St Barths’ most famous and most fashionable place to stay. It is a magnet for many of the island’s visiting stars, who come either to holiday at the Eden Rock itself or, as one of the key points of the island’s lively scene, to spend the day and to love the evenings.

Every visitor to Eden Rock is a celebrity to The Eden Rock Team.

Eden Rock Hotel