Art & Artists

"The hotel is so full of art, really good art that catches the eye or sparks a thought and makes you laugh."

Condé Nast Traveller

Eden Rock – St Barths promotes a full exhibition program within its Gallery sited on the beach.

This, from mid October to the end of August every year. Notable past exhibitions have included collaborations with the Flowers Gallery, Gagosian Gallery, Art Saint Barth, Tony Shafrazi Gallery and Mary Boone Gallery, showing artists Richard Prince, Will Cotton, Donald Baechler and many others. This, as well as giving emerging artists the opportunity to show their work.

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"Thank you so much for inviting me to conduct the appraisal in-person at the Eden Rock. I was truly impressed by your collection of artwork by established and emerging artists. Many of the hotel collections that I see are simply accumulations of framed posters or licensed photographs. The Eden Rocks’ unique hangings tailored to the interior design of every room reflects the hotel’s genuine dedication to the arts and provides guests with a truly unique visual experience."
Caitlin Kelly, Client Advisor + Fine Art Expert (June 2013)

Painting Lessons

Paint with oils or watercolour, draw and more...
Our Artist in Residence is usually available to work with guests, clients and friends.
It’s a whole new way of spending a vacation...

For more information or - if you‘d like to book a lesson - please contact

Eden Rock Hotel