Many people have heard of it, but aren’t sure exactly where it is. They know it’s an island, someplace in the Antilles archipelago. Do they imagine it to be hip and sophisticated, or more authentic, discreet, and laidback?

This tiny rock, smaller and less populated than many villages in the French countryside, has few resources other than its charm, its perpetual sunshine, the underwater wealth of its Marine Park, and its protected landscapes.

And of course, the island is an excellent tourist destination: one of the most varied and upscale, a wide choice of leisure activities and nautical sports, prestigious sailing regattas, a full calendar of cultural events, and the irresistible allure of great shopping…

St Barths is a French island, but English is spoken easily and generally.
Is the Euro, but U.S. dollars are widely accepted and are very much welcomed.
St Barths has a tropical climate with temperatures ranging between 72-90 degrees Fahrenheit. A Northeast trade wind usually keeps the temperature perfectly comfortable year round.

Picture - © Laurent Benoit

What’s on in St Barths

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Antoine Questel - France Champion - Funboard Slalom -

Eden Rock Hotel